Bad toothache

What to do went to the dentist and she says to remove wisdom tooth which have cavities …so much in pain …started antibiotics course as well …

I had to have two wisdom teeth removed in one go cos of cavities.
Get them removed asap. Cos the cavities might be growing

Good luck

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Cup your chin in your hand to ease the pain temporarily.

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Pain killers helped me get through until getting them pulled.

Preferably non nsaids like Aspirin.

I took a lot of Ibuprofen.

Some natural remedies can dull the pain but they’re only temporary still.

I had a moment of hysterical mad laughter from the pain of it.

Wish this crap didn’t exist.

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They took mine all at once. Was sore for awhile. Ate lots of oatmeal. Wasn’t awful


Thanks guys …

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