Bad time in the hospital

I went to my GP to get my Seroquel + Zoloft increased and refilled, but when I explained my symptoms he had me sectioned and an arrest warrant issued under the Mental Health Act. A friend talked me in to turning myself in to the hospital and I spent the night in observation.

The hospital pdoc changed my DX to anxiety and borderline personality disorder and said that meds wouldn’t be effective for me.

She also said, verbatim: “Thank God you don’t have schizophrenia; that’s a life sentence! But borderline personality disorder is a lot worse. And it’s harder to treat.”

So now I have no meds, a DX that doesn’t fit, and I will never be able to trust my GP again.

Fun. :upside_down_face: Any thoughts on what I should do now? I’m thinking of taking my original DX and scrip to a different doctor to try and get taken seriously.


New doctors,

All the way around.

Sorry this happened to you,

Sounds terrible.


Yeah you got the right idea. Youre free to a different opinion. Ive never heard a doctor say meds dont work for borderline personality disorder…pretty sure thats the docs personal opinion.


Who gave you the original prescription for seroquel and zoloft ? Was it a psychiatrist? If so can you go back to them and tell them what happened ?

Just for the record I went bananas on seroquel. Don’t know if thats part of the problem or not.

What dose of seroquel were/are you on ?


Try being assertive. You might think about asking for another pdoc. Decide what you need and what you have to do to get it. Not every pdoc is a perfect fit.


Does the hospital pdoc expect you to just abruptly stop the seroquel and zoloft? That doesn’t sound very safe. :confused:

I’d definitely recommend getting a second opinion.


I was just on 50mg. It helped with sleep, but not with postive symptoms. I was supposed to be at a higher dose, but there were problems at the time with my insurance so I couldn’t get the appointment, which is why I went to my GP

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Yup! All I need is a little behaviour therapy to correct my disordered personality :upside_down_face:

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I’d get an appointment with a psychiatrist to get it all cleared up. Everyone should be under the guidance of a psychiatrist at all times really to prevent things like this if nothing else.


Thanks for the advice guys :heart: I might have to make it the next few weeks without meds, but getting a second opinion and being assertive sounds like the best plan.

Thanks again :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


I hope you get everything straightened out with minimal damage to your overall health.

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Thanks friend. I hope so too :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t make sense to get sectioned and not need meds. I would find a new doctor.

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Yeah, I’m gonna try going to a different pdoc and just saying point blank what DX I think fits, and the treatment I think would be effective.

i mean, even if you were borderline, i am and meds definitely work for me. they may not be a magic solution to it but they certainly dampen the problem for me so idg where hes getting that from

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Even on the quetiapine I was getting breakthrough symptoms… going up on the dose makes sense to me… but not if I’m borderline. Some of best friends have BPD so it’s not a stigma thing… it just really doesn’t explain my experiences.

a really good rule of thumb is that if you are experiencing psychosis symptoms without being under stress or pressure, its probably something other than borderline. my psychotic period was induced by a close family death and two not so good relationships, which both put me under a lot of psychological stress and cause me to spiral into psychosis. so if you are having these symptoms without anything putting stress on you, i dont see why they would think borderline would describe your experiences.

with that said though, we kept increasing my antipsychotic until i had symptoms relief, regardless of my lack of a psychotic disorder diagnosis. its really just treating symptoms honestly


Then in that case, it’s not borderline and also they are bad at treating borderline even if that is what it was :stuck_out_tongue:

theres conflicting data and opinions on whether medicines help borderline pd and personality disorders on the whole and what i can gather is that while they dont treat underlying problems (impulsivity in a cluster b pd, for example) they can treat resultant/co occuring anxiety, depression, psychosis, etc. ive heard some doctors straight up wont work with boderlines/pd cases in general because theyre viewed as difficult because a lot lack insight to their behaviors and also cant be fixed just by slinging pills at them, it usually requires intensive therapy and self help to overcome them and some doctors are, well, lazy. i can vouch for meds helping my co morbid conditions (panic disorder, ocd, etc) as well as some symptoms that stem from my pd’s (quasi psychosis being a big one) but they dont help underlying maladaptive behaviors (attention seeking, impulsivity, over sensitivity, suggestibility) that i suffer from.

anyway this has just been me going on an unrelated tangent lol


haha no it’s good! thanks for the rant :heart: