Bad thoughts

I struggle with really bad thoughts about hurting my stepdad. Everything he does annoys me. I’m not exaggerating. When he talks, laughs, sighs, eats, walks, says he loves me, when he tells me to do things, anything. I don’t know what to do because I can’t actually hurt him or else I’ll go to jail and my mom will be mad at me. My voices don’t help with these thoughts. Most of them tell me to kill him or hurt him. I just need some advice and I don’t know how to stop the thoughts because my medicine doesn’t help even though my psychiatrist said it should.

Do you go to therapy?

He’s probably an ■■■■■■■. Just tough it out until you turn 18, I didn’t get along with my step-dad either. Definitely don’t hurt him though, jail isn’t worth it.

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Not yet we can’t find a therapist that specialises in schizophrenia for teens my age

A CBT therapist would be a good choice.


What is that? I’ve heard of it but I’ve never had it. What does it do?

Hi, @redanne. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the therapy that changed my life. I highly recommend it. It didn’t take my voices away, but changed my relationship with them. Instead of denying or taking things away, CBT therapy helped me to manage the reality of my past, the reality of my thoughts and voices so that I am no longer a victim.
I hope you find a good therapist who will help you through.