Bad things come in pairs

Yep, one of those days.
Long story summed up pretty short.
Was put out of work in 2013, I had super annuation insurance with my account to protect me if I ended up with a disability, death or anything so It’d be paid out to my mother or myself if any of these things happen.
well as it goes in 2011 my insurance was cancelled unknown to me because I was changing employers and had little funds in my super account and there wasn’t enough funds in the account to pay for the insurance.
So little did I know I was working for 2 more years before being diagnosed and finally ended up being diagnosed to find out I have no insurance.
So what does that mean?
It means I’ve had to call a lawyer to look into my account to see if my ex employer was neglible for not paying the super account to top it up late meaning there wasn’t enough funds in the account and if they weren’t in the wrong this meaning I could and about 95% chance I could end up losing a $100,000 pay out that I should have got for perm disability.
Oh but there’s a plus in all this… get ready because I don’t have the insurance I can only take out what was in my super account and because I’m young it’s only between 5,000-10,000. So I got royally screwed and I’m hoping my lawyer can find some stuff up to correct the wrong or i will have lost out of $100,000. And to make things worse the lawyer told me (because they specalise in these claims) that this happens to people regularly… which is kind of saddening knowing that my case will probably be passed along and I’ll lose out like many others due to an old system glitch being short of funds in my super to pay for the insurance for only 4 to 5 freaking days and the worse thing is, they never added the insurance back to the account. when i started working so I never knew always thought I was insured!

Second thing,
My washing machine broke today… well not mine, but my mothers (since I’m share housing with her while waiting for a 1 bedroom housing). She’s studying at the moment and has been partying a lot so she’s got no money, Yep… that means on the same day I find out I’ve probably lost $100,000 dollars I’m also having to pay $600 for a new washing machine.

Yip yip ha ha… ha… ha…

Looks like you and your Mom might be living in your old washing machine pretty soon…


Nah, she earns 50k+ p/a but she’s pretty broke with her uni costs and all that atm.
I earn 26k p/a on DSP, just sucky and sulky today because I’ve missed out on enough to put a large deposit on a 1 bedroom unit instead of having to go down the route of government housing and waiting years.
But whatever, lifes like that. I’m just hoping that my lawyer can find some type of wrong in the system where someone is held accountable but I won’t find out for weeks and even so if they do find out there was a wrong it will take years of court cases to get the money. and even on a side note in a couple months I’ll still get my super (retirement fund) payed out that I had from working the few years I did prior to diagnosis. which is 5k-10k.

But ohwell, lifes a Bi#ch suck it up and move on! I say.
Most people would be crushed finding out this information i’m more or less just disapointed. because I don’t really give a F anymore. and it’s a bit annoying knowing I have to leave the house for 4 hours tomorrow when I never leave my home (i’m pretty much a hikikomori/recluse). with this information on top. So yeah, yip…yip…ha…ha.ha F#ck is all I can say today & gimmie a beer!

Mario and peach are getting pretty old.