Bad Situation

So I’m living with my grandmother and she has Alzhiemers. I take care of her. I do her grocery shopping, wash her clothes, feed her 3 times a day, and make sure she has everything she needs. She can still take care of herself somewhat.

My mom got lung cancer 2 years ago. She lost her house and had to move in with my aunt. Now the cancer has spread to her brain.

My grandmother has a will that says if she died before my aunt and mom they get the house.

But if my mom dies first I get my moms half of the house.

I don’t know who’s going to outlive who. If my grandmother dies my mom gets half of this house. She will not have a will written giving it to me. My mom is in total denial about everything. If my mom gets the house chances are if she died my step dad will get her half. My step dad and I hate each other.

I’m on disability and in the meantime I’ve been hording every penny I can get my hands on. I have $12,000 saved up.

My aunt that gets half of this house said to me “I’m going to laugh when you’re homeless”.

I have no where to go. I have two uncles I could move in with but they’re alcoholics and fight a lot. They live in my other grandmothers house. As of late they’ve been fighting and pointing guns at each other.

My grandmother has a niece from a previous marriage. She is a poison pill. She didn’t know my grandmother had a will and dragged her to a lawyer. She wanted this house. My grandmother forgot she already had a will leaving everything to my mom and aunt.

In the 18 years I lived with my grandmother her niece has only showed up twice. She calls my grandmother and gets her angry at our family. She tells my grandmother we’re stealing everything.

My aunt blocked my grandmothers niece from calling. I’ve had the cops show up twice in the past month. Her niece is calling the cops telling them I abuse her.

In the meantime I took my some of my grandmothers money and installed camera’s all over the house. That way if she falls or something her niece can’t say I hurt her.

Between my mom having cancer, My grandmother with Alzheimer’s, worrying about being homeless, schizophrenia, and her niece stirring stuff up with the cops I’m on pins and needles.

I’m a nervous wreck and I take valium which only takes the edge off my nerves for a short time.

I get no enjoyment out of anything because all I do is worry.

I haven’t seen her niece since September. If she shows up I’m calling the cops. I have a letter from my grandmothers doctor that she is incapable of making her own decisions. I also have a letter from my aunt which has power of attorney that my grandmother is not to go anywhere with her.

It’s going to hit the fan if she shows up. I hate confrontations but it’s all on my shoulders.

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Hell, compared to all that, the neighbors driving me crazy and destroying me seems like a picnic. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing by covering your ass against this niece.

Can’t you at least go out somewhere and get away from it all?

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I can’t leave my grandmother alone for long and if I do go I’m afraid her niece is going to show up.

I see. Is there anyone in the family who is on your side who could watch your grandmother for a short while you go out for some badly needed, well deserved r&r?

Yes my cousin said he’d watch her. I’m thinking about going ice fishing Tuesday but I’m worried to leave the house.

Can you get on a waitlist for subsidized housing? That way, if things go badly, you at least have a backup plan and might only need to find a place to rent for a few months.

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You also might want to look into hiring a lawyer. You have squatters rights depending on the state you livein.

Can you trust your cousin? He’s not going to screw you is he? Purposely or accidentily?

Yeah didn’t go ice fishing. Now my grandmothers sister and niece are calling stirring stuff up again. I took my grandmothers cell phone. She doesn’t realize it’s gone yet. My aunt said she blocked them but they got through somehow.

I don’t drink often but tonight I cracked a pint of jim beam hoping it would take the edge off. I’m trembling right now thinking about this situation.

I talked to my aunt and my mom isn’t doing well. They hit her brain with radiation last month and she’s in a haze and can’t remember stuff.

I know my mom is terminal. No one survives small cell lung cancer. It’s the most aggressive lung cancer there is.

Out of self preservation I have to see to it my grandmother outlives my mom or my step dad gets half this house.

That means keeping my grandmother from getting covid. I gotta keep her niece from taking her places.

It’s 3 am I’m drunk and my mind is going 100 miles a minute trying to cover every angle I’m getting hit from.

My grandmothers sister is trying to get her to fly to Florida with her niece. I have all of my grandmothers credit cards ID’s everything.

I have camera’s all over the house and I have locks on the bedroom doors.

Her niece lives an hour and a half away. We’ve had a brutal winter the past month. I’m expecting once the weather clears she’s going to show up.

I have alarms on the doors so if they open it makes noise. I sleep with one eye open. My grandmother is letting the dog out every 20 minutes.

I’m hoping to drink enough to knock myself out tonight.

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