Bad Roofing Company

Last year I got a steel roof put on my garage. It cost an arm and a leg, and I couldn’t really afford it but it needed to be done.

About a month ago, me and my buddy were out in the garage and we heard this flapping. My buddy thought it was a tree slapping against the roof, but there are no trees. We went outside to find that one of the tiles of the roof was flapping in the Wind.

The next day I phoned the company that did the roof, and left a message describing the problem. Two weeks went by with no word back from them, and then all the sudden one day a crew of them show up in a half ton, look at the roof, do nothing to fix it, and then don’t even say they’re done or suggest what they will do to fix the problem, they just drive away.

Since they have been here, I’ve heard nothing from them. I have phoned them twice already, and I finally called tonight and gave them a piece of my mind. I threatened to take him to court and sue for negligence if any damage was done by their fuk up.

It felt good to say, but I’m a little wound up now. Trying to unwind and thought this rant might help me get it off my mind

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