Bad question... How do you feel when your high?

Specifically talking about devils lettuce…


I don’t take recreational or illicit drugs. There is nothing good about them. I like to feel normal.

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I 100% agree… today when i rode my push bike into town… some dude approached me… and said nice bike it looks like a colour of a joint… blah blah… Now im getting that annoying curiosity…of how it felt when i did it… i am not trying to smoke just thinking how other people feel, on it.

I used to smoke a lot when I was younger. In the beginning I felt great, though I mostly used it to trip out and have pleasant sleep.
After a while I started feeling terrible when I smoked. Voices, paranoia, having to check to see if I’d wet myself every 5 minutes.

Now whenever I get the urge, I think about how horrible it was, and how I, at the end, only smoked to keep withdrawal at bay.
I don’t ever want to put myself through being high or having withdrawal like that again.

I smoked marijuana everyday, all day, for over a year in the past. I gave it up at the end of 2016. It makes you feel out of it, and unclear in the head. It also caused me anxiety.

Appreciate your guys answers… im glad i posted it in this forum specifically… even for the other people in the forum looking to get on.

I miss the good times when I’d smoke before something fun or after a workout. My schiz was induced by it unfortunately, voices and all. I wouldn’t say there is nothing good about it because it affects people differently. The problem for me was if I was depressed or down it only hightened those feelings, so I had to have the right mindset going in. I’ve been sober from it a while now and slowly am finding joy in life without any substances.

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I smoke weed regularly and it used to be expensive but I don’t spend near as much as I used to…it helps me with anxiety and depression and my back pain. getting a mmj card as soon as they get rolling in Oklahoma.

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That’s really weird because I had that thing about wetting myself on it too. Thought I was the only one.

It’s not good because of the paranoia.

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I never did drugs so not high only low :rofl:

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