Bad people

there are so many bad people in the world today its no wonder we are scared and paranoid, on Facebook there are so many hateful comments about celebrities and things it is pretty sick, i mean i know people have a right to an opinion but there is no need to be offensive.


Sometimes I wonder if I am paranoid because I am a hypersensitive frightened person living in a cruel and vicious cold world


It’s not so much that many are intentionally bad; they’re just broken.
The gentler ones try to fix and reconcile - hence why you all ended up here.

The others are so far in denial they have yet to take notice what you guys have and instead outwardly vent their anxieties in the manner which you are seeing.

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Whoever said “sometimes the paranoids have real enemies” caused me a lot of anxiety.

We could build people up instead of tearing them down like so many do.

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need to build ourselves up first lol

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It’s strange that in reality most people look decent and well behaved but on internet especially in a place like facebook , many people release hatred , jealousy and even terror. They badmouth everything .

In my opinion, part of the problem with the internet is the anonymity. People write things on the internet that they would never say in regular society. It brings out the darker side of some people. However the anonymity is also a good part of the internet because it makes it safe for places like this where people can talk unrestrained about sensitive issue without fear of reprisal. Freedom has two sides I guess.

The question I ask myself is are these really bad people? Maybe they are just people who do or in this case post bad things. A person shouldn’t be defined by a single act. I had a friend who did something foolish and it has seemingly defined the rest of his life. He didn’t do anything to send him to jail. However unless he moves he can never live it down. Maybe if they had been raised differently or their genetics were slightly different they wouldn’t act the way they do. Maybe then they would be mindful, skillful human beings.

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Bad people do repent and turn around.

exactly why I’m not on FB or any of that garbage. I don’t give the ugly haters any attention. I look for good people and stick with them. I don’t watch or read the hateful screaming of fox news.

For every nasty hater out there… there are some good people too. But the good ones are busy doing stuff… not spreading hate on FB. So I hang with the people who are not always negative and angry.

I like to read NY times because it’s pretty low key when reporting the political news. Nothing like Fox.

There is some amazingly good things happening, but no one likes to report or dwell on them. Anger, fear, hate and panic sells more copy.


I feel so alone sometimes being the one who does not see in black and white but rather sees only gray areas where most people describe seeing bad or good or even evil. In my experience with people throughout my life I’ve never met anyone who was entirely “bad” or even entirely “good”. I’ve known the unconditional friendship of someone another would describe as a cruel bully. I’ve known people of good character who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it who stole and lied to feed an addiction. Even I myself cannot say I am either entirely “good” or entirely “bad”. I’ve even known convicted murderers who have when you got to know them turned out to be kind and gentle people. If I had to decide I’d say there is no such thing as good or bad and that we are all capable of a little or a lot of both.

But this is just how I’ve come to see us human beings.


It means you are an adult. Unlike kids who only see black and white.
The only viewpoint I want to elaborate a little is even we know someone for quite some time, we will never know what his/her heart’s condition is.


Well if this is the case then the world needs more adults. It is adults though that I am speaking of, it is adults not children who I see and hear characterizing an entire people or population or religion as “bad” or “evil”. It is adults who I hear characterizing someone as an “evil, despicable monster” for having made a mistake. It is this black and white thinking, that this person is good and the other bad, these people good and the others bad, that I see as being almost infused within our human dna. It is as if we are by nature blind unless we for whatever reason overcome this blindness. I truly feel the world would be a better place without this inherent tendency of ours to judge “the other” as not like us, this disease, and I do think of it as a disease, of black and white, us and them thinking that drives us to war, leads to selfish supremacies and all nature of inhumane but very human atrocities.

Facebook is in the business of selling the information of their users. Some time ago it made me wonder how Harvard educated people did not realize how Marc Zuckerberg made milions just by receiving the free information. It started in Harvard in 2003 did it not.

This is one of the many reasons why I’m no longer on Facebook. I don’t like the thought of being a product. I want to communicate with people on my own terms.

I have facebook. But I don’t write very much. I usually write about my kids or something I’ve experienced. But not MI. I have co workers as friends. They don’t need to know everything about me.

I very rarely log in to check my facebook account and when I do it’s simply to check and see if I have any messages. I guess I don’t really have this problem of being witness to people’s sick and shallow thoughts as I only have fifty or so facebook “friends” and none of them are really all that shallow. What I see when I log on to facebook is pictures of pets and people’s children or a comment on a movie they saw recently. Nothing that irks me in the least.

I guess it all depends on who your “friends” are.

I treat Facebook as I would a magazine, only the celebrities are people I know. I flick through and if something interests me, I stop to have a read…if not, move on.

Facebook should be renamed Fakebook anyway - people post little snippets of their lives that rarely reflect reality. A woman I know kept posting stuff about how amazing her husband is - next minute, they’re divorced. Goes to show.


thats true, a lot of people are really fake but i think its a mixed bag, lots of different people on there with different agendas and personalities posting things,

i like to post things like music and things of interest that is happening in my life, i also like to post encouraging positive posts as well as funnies and i love to comment on nice things that are happening to people like celebrities etc, sometimes i will post on bad things that are happening in my life as well.

its just the haters man, i think hate breeds hate which makes it all the worse but i try to fight it and it isn’t just on Facebook because it can happen anywhere, i use the power of good which makes them look bad but they make themselves look bad so its not my fault, a nice word is worth more than a 1000 bad words and that is the truth.

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I’m one of the worst offenders about getting resentments, but when you get a resentment you are letting someone take up space in your head without paying rent.