Bad or Good Advice. Your call. Ask away

Asker’s choice. I’m bored and want some interaction. So tell me if ypuwant bad or good advice with your question.

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We gave my daughter a power wheel for her birthday. I told my husband to hold my son, so he wouldn’t open her present. I was taking a video. He put my son down, and he ran out into the yard and opened her present. She’s been wanting it for a whole year. She didn’t get other presents because we had everyone pitch in for this one. I’ve been waiting for months for this day. I wrapped it special in Minnie Mouse paper. We “looked” for her present for thirty minutes. It was waiting in the yard at my parents’.

I can’t deal. My daughter lost her moment. My video is of her brother opening her present. I feel like my husband ruins important events. I collected the money, researched the toy, wrapped it special.

How do I deal?

Good advice.

Should I see this one social worker my psychiatrist referred me to for therapy?

Part of me wants to give him a try but I’m a bit reluctant.

Was she still excited? I’m betting she was. He couldn’t open the actual box, so if she helped with that she still gotto open it. Just realize that little negative things aren’t important in the long run. The important thing was the happiness over getting the toy.

Your husband probably doesn’t realize that he is ruining things for you. Have you talked to him? Maybe he just doesn’t think. Maybe reminding him of things during the moments will help.

I used to get upset with my husband a lotuntil I was well medicated and realized that it was more important to enjoyour time together and talk things out. I had assumed he wouldn’t want to, but you knowwhat they say about assuming. Just use a non accusatory way oftaking when you bring it up. Use I statements. “I feel this way when youdothis” or “This makes me feel”. Don’t say “you make me dothis” or “you always”` @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter


good advice. is growing my own salad greens worth the time and effort? would I better off buying from the grocery and having more time on my lazy-boy?

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@Wave It won’t hurt to try. You might find out they work well foryou. Give it 5 sessio ns. 1 won’t tell you anything ittakes time to build rapport

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Go ahead and grow your own. They have more nutrients than store bought. Greens grow fast, too. Plus you can grow a lot in a small space.

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Yes maybe I’ll give him a try after my small break.
Thanks @ZombieMombie.

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Anytime :slight_smile: hope it helps

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Good advice please!

I’m like super wound up and anxious and I’m scared I’m going to lash out at people around me.

How do I relax? And lighten up a little?

@Noise I mentioed meditation to you once. It reallyworks. There is an app that I like, I think it is called Tea Timer. I will have to check, I forgot when my phone died. Calm is a good one.

Meditation helps you ground yourself and become calm. Some people have troublewith it, but by paying attention to your body and breathing slowly youwill calm your body and brain. Good luck!

I do the meditation already though. And it’s just not helping today :frowning_face:

I do appreciate the advice though!

I’m thinking my problem might be pms so maybe I just gotta wait it out

@Noise I feel you. My PMS makes me feel like crap. But it seems tp go away once my period actually starts.

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Good advice never leave a yellow lightbulb on.

Good advice
I found a free bible school. I’ve always wanted to study the scriptures in a school and learn above and beyond my own studies. I also don’t want to become overly religious and start covering my head again etc. I’ve never had delusions regarding religion but I can get overly fundamentalist. Should I go ahead and sign up for classes and fulfill my dream or avoid it all together just in case?


Good advice.

How do you live with guilt?

@ZmaGal Avoid it. Those schools tend to prey on people like you. Th e best way to learn is by signing up for actual college courses. You wouldget a biased version based on whatever the teacher or church running it believes and we all know different churches have different takes on things. Foor unbiased and deeper learning you can even find college level material forfree onli ne. I’ll seewhat Ican find.

In full disclosure I’m an atheist and really dislike current religious environment. I have a lot of experience as I was raised religious and went to religoous school for a while.

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You learn to let go. Whether you meant to do something or did by accident you have to let go. Telling yourselfrhat the past is done is one way. You just have to tell yourself this everytime you feel bad. “It is done and I can do better next time”

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Great advice @ZombieMombie! THANK YOU!


LS! Hi Momma! I am 61 years old. I have done research for ten years in psychiatry in Amsterdam. Recently I tried to find out what makes me live longer. Do sex and going to the gym make you live longer? Several authors of books do not think so like Valter Longo, Kris Verburgh, Erik Scherder. On the other hand on the internet I found many people claiming that sex and going to a gym does make you live longer. I want some good advice, Thank you!