Bad news! annoying nurse

my typical nurse who usually does pdoc appts. over the phone is back to her normal duties now. she has been replaced with the nurse practitioner or whatever who is waiting for some kind of certification to practice by herself from the state. this has happened before back when she was a nursing student. she always asks so many invasive questions and is so pushy about me going to the doctor for physical checkups. i don’t like her, i prefer my depot nurse to do it. i barely even speak with my pdoc, usually the nurse goes through a list of questions and then at the end of it, my pdoc says something like “sounds like your doing well” he just listens in basically.

anyways i don’t know how long i’ll have to put up with the nurse practitioner asking questions. i was worried i was going to get transferred to her care. but my depot nurse said she is mostly goiing to be working with children, so that was a relief.


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