Bad focus day

Sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days. Unfortunately today was a bad day. I was in a complete mental fog all day. I woke up for work and despite getting 8 hours of sleep slept on the bus the whole way there…then went through the motions, went to class and couldn’t concentrate on studying for my quiz at all…completely messed up everything in my lab class because again, brain fog…then when I had a solid 2+ hours of downtime before my next class where I could have done homework, I could only scroll through my phone…otherwise I would have fallen asleep…then I went to class and had to get a snack to eat during so I wouldn’t fall asleep…again I could not focus during class at all and my attention drifted away every 5 seconds…

I was so hyperfocused at the beginning of the semester and paid attention in class with no difficulty but it seems that odd streak is over now. I have an excessive amount of work on my plate this week and don’t know how I will get through it with my head like this. Sometimes it feels as though I am crawling towards the finish line in college…but even if I’m crawling I know I will cross it and get my degree…

I’m confident you can do it. I get like that too. I get distracted and feel tired. I’m sorry you are going through a tired and unfocused spell. I hope it turns around for you.

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Journaling was good for that with me. Still do it have since like 95.

I had a bad focusing day, too. Remember, this is just temporary. We can work through this!


That which you gain to easily you esteem too lightly. Keep at it anna.