Bad Eyes/ Good Hearing to Bad Hearing

A lot of research has increasingly shown that psychosis and paranoia are related to vision problems. I generally have had bad eyesight, and my anxiety caused me to listen to conversations rather than actually talk to people. I unfortunately learned to deal with life by listening to people talk more than communicating with them which is one reason it;s difficult for me to have strong friendships with others. Somewhere along the line what I heard in reality increasingly became negative about me and increasingly involved my voices. I did not suffer much hearing loss until I went to a loud concert one time. Then suddenly I stopped hearing people real or imaginary people commenting about me as much any more outside my head although the interior voices have been as bad as before. The exception were a few people I had strong feelings about who always sounded strange around me. I usually date the beginning of my schizophrenia to the moment I noticed that the voices were in my head but a lot of strange and illogical comments happened for years before then. So in my case a big part of my disorder was having unusually acute hearing and not learning to properly communicate with others. I don’t suggest you go to a concert to improve your schizophrenia because I think that would do more harm than good and I seriously doubt it would work for everyone but I found that to be the case with me. Have you had a similar experience?