Bad day? Vent here!

The thing that really bummed me out was my show which I put a lot of work into was pulled and I only got a hour repeat :frowning: so i’v been down about that

If you have had a bad day its ok to vent here if you want :slight_smile: hopefully you will get some support.


sorry your show got cut

did you write it or just watch it

maybe you can find a new one

good luck

Schizophrenia is similar to a lifetime prison sentence

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I recorded the interview and edited it all and added music and voice, had a few technical errors, made a poster and put it out on all socials, best i’d ever done, never been so organised.
My guest got cold feet and pulled it :frowning:

I had a bad time today with puppy training

all the work i did with her last week was totally gone today with the trainer

she made it look like we did not do any work with her during the week

last week she did great with the trainer but today was like f u im just gonna lay here

she wouldnt take treats toys or walk on the leash she pulled to the exit the whole time

i felt so embarrassed

i am gonna record her training lessens this week to let the trainer know we really are working with her

sorry for the long vent i needed it



im really sorry that happened

it hurts when you put in so much work for it only get pulled

hopefully your next show will work out

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Thanks yoda, i try and do a good job on my shows and i do it all for free,

My Sister said I’ve done pretty good bc I’ve been with them for nearly 3 years and I’ve only had 3 mistakes, 1 guest has been dropped and one show has been pulled, still really crappy though, I was trying to enjoy myself today at the beach and this put a dampener on it.

its good to vent, I hope your dog gets better at his training :slight_smile:

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3 years is great most sz cant last that long at a stable job even if you made a mistake you should still celebrate getting the job done even if they dont like it
enjoy the beach

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Thanks, its more like a hobby than a job, I am hoping to do it for as long as i can but this has taken the wind out of my sails a bit,

the beach was ok today, the weather wasnt the best the
radio thing kind of spoiled it but it was still ok.

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@Resilient1 it sounds like a good hobby

sorry the beach didnt help

try to start thinking of your next project and move on to greatness

i know easier said than but it could work

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I was released early for good behaviour.



more like an open prison now lol

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Hmm…THAT sounds sus. :thinking:


[ slithers out from under couch ]

[ glues googly eyes on @Bowens’ mouse ]

[ slips a whoopie cushion under Maggie’s bed ]

[ blows a kiss at nearest ankle ]

[ disappears back under couch ]

Sus? Moi?

I’m not seeing it.


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Several people including my boss were disrespectful. Have to deal with control freak soldiers. Self righteous jerks. A lot of people were nice though. Had a little more to do at work than usual. Not a terrible day but a lot of it was a struggle. That’s what I get for working In an army reserve building. Despite my complaints, overall, it’s still the easiest, best job I’ve ever had. Better than cooking, working construction or being a park ranger.


Been fighting off Covid all day :frowning:

the highlight of my day was having a shower but it has been a pretty bad day :frowning:

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I want to have money, i hate being controlled so badly. The little pension i am getting is just a payback of taxes i paid all my life. First psychiatry fcked me up to my teeth, making me pension worthy and after 20 years, now, they want to build me up again. I have a gutfull. They are not even sorry. I just want to be drunk all day long, but, i have no money to buy a few overtaxed beers. They broke my spirit.

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i have tonsillitis now :frowning: i’m not able to eat or drink much, sore throat

i was just texted that my olds boy has cov and to stay away for two weeks he has a family with kids.

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