Bad day turned into great day

My day started off horrible. I was woken around 3am by someone banging on my door, saying, “fire in the building!” I got my dog and cat out to my van, where I waited until after 5am when the firemen let us go back in. Then when I woke back up a couple hours later I had no electricity. I was so frustrated and irritated. At least the fire was limited to one apt, could’ve been much worse.

Then this afternoon while I was on lunch at work I found out my temporary pharmacy tech license came through today, finally, so I will be starting my new job next week, only two shifts left at the pharmacy :grin:. Work was decent, too, and when I got home the power was back on. As the old saying goes, all’s well that ends well. All in all a great day! :grinning:

How was your day?


That’s great!! That’s why I always tell people who are having a hard time that things can change very fast. Life is always changing and bringing ups and downs. You can’t have a bad day every day for your whole life and you can’t have a good day every day for your whole life and most days will probably be a mix of both like you said.

My day was just busy. Class, cleaning, studying. I’m stressed as ever about the move.


How soon do you move?

Friday. I’m so nervous about sneaking my rats into hotels that im actually looking up places that will board exotic pets each place we’re staying. It would bring me peace of mind to know there would be 0% chance of us being kicked out in a strange city with nowhere to go.

Yeah, that would make me nervous too. Rats creep me out lol. Not as much as snakes and clowns, though, those both scare the hell out of me.

Yeah unfortunately rats creep a lot of people out which is why they’re so hard to travel with :weary: “Pet friendly” hotels are actually only dog and cat friendly, 95% of boarding places only take dogs and cats, no airlines will allow you to travel with rats either as carry on or in cargo and shipping them costs a fortune (2000$!!) It’s sad because they are basically like tiny dogs. My rats know tricks, their names and run up to greet me and give me kisses when I let them out.

Basically as a warning to anyone on here, if you have any kind of pet that isn’t a dog or cat and are thinking of moving to anywhere far away-don’t.

My day was really relaxing. I made something from the new recipe book I got, went to read at the bookstore, and went to the book fair to buy more sale books. Might swim tonight. Since taking pills for my thyroid my mood swings finally went away and I feel functional… Like I might not have needed to quit my job if I had known…