Bad day. But a pot of stew

All I did today was deposit some checks in the ATM. And all my incidental chores. Oh yeah, I stopped at Jack-in-the-box.
So I’m treating myself to homemade stew. It’s on my diet. It took an hour to prep and cook. Now when it cools down I’ll have a nice dinner. Goal : pick up medication from the pharmacy tonight.


I had a bad day today myself, a very bad day. Arguments, aggravation, high stress levels - I need to rest I think


Can you make stew for three? Count me in. I’m a member of the not so good day crew. Agitated, irritated, for no good reason on this one it seems.

Well, a bit of a reason, but it’s me being jealous and a bit needy. :unamused:


It seems to me that’s a pretty good day. Remember, you can’t have it all, Nick !!

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Sure it feeds 4 people. BIG servings too.

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Good answer Chordy. Thanks.

Yeah, getting away from it all for a nap sounds like a good idea.

Enjoy your dinner! :smile:

I haven’t eaten in two days, but my mom wants to take me out to eat tomorrow.

I would advise to make sure you go.