Bad Day At Work

I had a bad day at work and had to leave early because I thought people were out to get me and now I’m afraid they’ll make fun of me :confused: I don’t know what to do about not feeling like this again :disappointed:

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This probably won’t help but I’ve worked while psychotic, I’ve worked while stoned which made my paranoia level go through the roof.

I worked for a year positive that everybody hated me, I’ve worked while thinking everybody loved me (which is just as bad as thinking everybody hated me, lol), I’ve worked while addicted to crack, I have problems sometimes thinking people are laughing at me, I’ve worked while being clueless about what’s happening around me etc.

Now none of these were pleasant or positive but the point is: I kept working. A human being can be very adaptable and resilient even if you have schizophrenia. If I quit every time someone laughed at me I wouldn’t have been at this janitor job for seven years. I’m just saying don’t give up too easily, problems are managable and people can be surprisingly forgiving. Good luck, I hope it works out tor you.

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I’m sorry you had a bad day. I understand your fear of others making fun of you, because I’ve been in this exact situation, and my coworkers did make fun. I had to leave in an ambulance due to hallucinations and confusion on the job, and ever after, most of them (not all!) were very dismissive and condescending toward me. There was one person who stood up for me, shaming them for mistreating an ill person, which really did make a difference. I still felt worthless and hopeless and embarrassed, and eventually quit the job, but knowing there are folks out there who are decent makes me optimistic about the future for us. :slight_smile:


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