Bad day at the mall

Everywhere I go I have people belittling me say i’m a whore, bitch, racist also that i am queer. I went to the mall, there are people of all walks of life there but I get severely picked on. A group of asian guys, and i’m asian, yelled out dog to me. I felt that everyone thought I was ugly. Maybe rumors are flying around from the group of people who can read my mind. They really really hate me. What can you do? Maybe I can transform myself into some gorgeous being and won’t get picked on.

beauty comes from the inside and it is hard to find it within us.
walk tall , know that you are beautiful and worthy of life .
ignore those that use ugly words don’t even give them a glance or second thought.
you are strong because of what you have ’ sz '.
know that these people that show you an unkindness, would not last a milli-second in your head.
know that i care and am on your side, be proud of who you are.
take care


thanks darksith will remember your wise words

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It is just now this,I user to have this kind of negative/ugly thinking,now even though it is lesser but I still have some ungone negative type thinking and antisocial behavior

In this day and age, I’m afraid I would have walked right up in the person’s face who said “dog” and sarcastically replied in a loud voice “pussy”.


I used to like malls, now i know they are dumb so i don’t usually go, at least not intentionally.

They do that because of their delusions, yes most people begin delusional and the people at the mall are no exception. For god’s sake they think they look good! Can’t get more delusional than that! I mean look at us!