Bad day. 101010

Took a drug test this morning for my (maybe) job. I don’t know if I’ll pass it cause I took a tab yesterday. And I told my family about the drug test so if I fail they’ll know. Its putting a lot of pressure on me.

I can’t get my mind to stop. I’ve been hearing “you were raised wrong” and “don’t talk to him in your head” (the second one was my neighbor that was giving me advice). Something talks to me and directs me to the right thinking process.

I dunno.
But bad day.
I’m feeling lazy too.

a tab? lsd/lsa? you’ll pass

i think shes talking about a stimulant pill

didn’t know they called em tabs

i think of tabs as LSD too

who is ‘they’ ? I never heard a pill be called a tab

We call them tabs all the time here.
Its hydrocodone

I did hydrocodone once

I said “this ■■■■ isnt worth it”

it was the only time I did a opioid/opiate pill

i’ve done kratom though which is a powder that you eat which is an opioid

If you’re asking who that “they’ll” is its my family. They’ll know I failed the drug test.

well you’re probably gonna fail. but if it’s that big of an issue to your family tell them you didn’t get the job for some other reason.

What wasn’t worth it?

You really think one pill will show up in a saliva test? ■■■■. Now I’m even more anxious about it

getting sucked down the rabbit hole they call opioids

i didnt find vicodin high that enjoyable

i hear it doesn’t compare with percocets and oxys and heroin

but im glad i killed my curiosity

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I don’t know about saliva test… pee test I’m pretty positive it would. it really depends on your body so I couldn’t tell ya. but I don’t know much about saliva tests, look it up? I will if you want

i think you might be okay stillhavehope

but stay away from vicodin! if you can

Lol trust me I’ve been looking it up since right after the test. Thanks for offering though.

Everything I read said it will most likely come back positive. Except one guy. He came back negative but I think it was just luck.

I could show them a script I have from last month for hydro’s. Say it was that and I’ll be fine.

oh for sure!
I wish you luck

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I think it will show @Stillhavehope.
Two weeks after smoking a joint i was put on test in hospital and it showed.
Maybe those pills ( i dont know what hydrocode is) dont last that long but one day is really nothing.

I know next to nothing about saliva tests, but if you have a legit script that’s not too outdated that should clear you.

Hope it goes well for you. :slight_smile:

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