Bad couple of days

Well I will have to look into it for sure. Hopefully they have it in Canada or maybe something similar here.

Sorry, I forgot that you are in Alberta.

Its alright the idea has got me looking to see if there is something like that here.

Yes, you are right. It can be hard to talk about, especially when they make you doubt yourself. They twist things and make it seem like it’s all your fault. A lot of women who get abused try to hide it. I was married to an alcoholic abuser. He was physically violent. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and left him. This time with my ex-fiance it’s a bit different. He hasn’t been physically violent yet. He has untreated Sz. Before he became delusional, we had a beautiful relationship. It’s only been since the delusions started that he’s been verbally abusive to me. Even though I know it’s the disease, it still hurts.
Women’s shelters also have support groups. No one will think badly of you there and they all understand what you are going through.
Flowers are so cheerful:) It’s nice that you will have them:)

Along with the abuse, he sort of uses my schizophrenia as a weapon. We will argue and say that I said something horrible which I know I didn’t and then spin it around and say that I just don’t remember because of my illness. And then he will cool off and say that he was being crazy and abusive because of the thing I said which I know I didn’t. Every thing is like that, he makes me feel more crazy than I really am.

Yes, typical behavior from an abuser. They always blame the other person for their abusive behavior. Those kind of people can make a saint feel crazy. That is so low of him to use the Sz against you. It’s not like you chose to have it. But he did get it right that HE is crazy. Abusers are some of the craziest people I’ve met.
I hope he isn’t physically violent with you. Alcoholic abusers have that tendency.

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Abusers will say you said or did something when you know you didn’t, then turn it around and say you are crazy. All women with abusers have experienced this and it does make you feel crazy.

Its so exhausting.

I completely agree.