Bad country image

@Dreamscape2 @anon84763962 and any other Australians.
I am not sure if you are aware of the following news? These contribute to a bad country image.

A Malaysian man is now facing theft charges after allegedly stealing almost A$1 million (RM3.19 million) from an Australian bank through multiple fraudulent cash withdrawals and transfers. —Oct 29, 2016

A Sydney woman who allegedly had $4.6 million mistakenly given to her by her bank and spent much of it on handbags may not have broken the law, a magistrate has told a court.
…was arrested while trying to board a flight to Malaysia on Wednesday night, four years after the extraordinary “glitch” in Westpac’s system.—May 6, 2016

I don’t understand what you mean by bad country image? Who’s country has a bad image?

To me it reads that the banks are at fault not the entire country.

I am sorry to make you confused. I mean my country has a bad image. :slight_smile:

No not at all, just that guy who stole the money. We can’t feel badly toward your whole country because of the actions of one person. That would be terrible.

Lots of Australian’s love Malaysia!

Did you see the news about the Australian’s in (I think) Malaysia who stripped off at the race car event? That was terrible and very disrespectful to the country they were in, but I would hope not all Australian’s were seen as disrespectful as a result of a few idiots.


Thank you for your reassurance. (Yes, I did notice the news at F1 circuit)

I think it is more of what immigration officers would deal with- bad or good image of a country.

I am so sorry for not making clear of it in my original post.

Not at all! It’s my fault for not understanding you.

I don’t think Malaysia has a bad image. I could understand how Australia would gain a bad reputation based on how a lot of Australian tourists behave in South East Asia. I hear some horror stories. Really terrible stuff.

And vice versa. I hear a lot of Malaysians choose to overstay their visas and work illegally in Australia.

No worries, turtle, Australia is a successful country, and Melbourne is one of the world’s best city to live in.

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Lol it’s like people from both our countries have the faults, but also have their goodness.

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Good and bad people of every race colour, age and sex and country. It’s having the understanding that it just bad judgement even mental health problems or pure malevolence that’s the problem in most of it.