Bad Burger King experience

Dang man they got my order wrong then acted as if I was asking a lot to get the right order and didn’t apologize. I’ll stick to a different location…

Is @LevelJ1 behind this? I think I saw him making a Whopper.


My friend, we call that the ole Whoppem and Floppem.

Baaaazaaaaaanga :cowboy_hat_face::partying_face:


I hardly ever get fast food these days. I like the McDonalds big breakfast once in a while or maybe fries from DQ here and there.

The only fast food place I trust is Subway. You can watch them make the food.


Nothing is fresh from Subway.

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Now i’m hungry


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I have always had really good luck there.

Tomatoes and bread usually is fine as well as the other veggies.

I have microwave burgers to eat. And some haribos

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I like Arabian food but the closest Arabian food place does not deliver and it would be a hassle to travel to and from there.

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