Background check!

if i was a criminal, id be in prison

if i was crazy, id be in an institution

but since im walking around a free man i must be normal citizen, and take offense at submitting to a background check just to earn a living, only to have to pass a test from private corporations to know more about me. offensive.

so im thinking i will never apply for a job for the rest of my life. the only way i’ll work is if a job is offered to me word of mouth from a business owner. if they think im going to give up some of my freedoms just to earn a living well i got news for them. i have no problem getting paid by the govt, and if you think my past or what i choose to put in my body on my off hours is any of your business. then those MFers can keep paying their taxes.

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Thers criminals who are put in a forensic hospital. I was scared that they put me there, I read that its almost impossible to get out of those, usually ppl stay there for their whole life until they die.


Its for criminals who are mentally ill.

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