Back To Work

Been a bit of a slacker lately, I get tired of working so last week did a lot less than I should have. Winter is coming so need to finish up some projects

Have around 12 on the go now, plus all the other stuff I need to do before it’s 30 below out.

I need someone following behind me kicking my butt for motivation…


I remember when I checked in trucks as a guard,

and they would be lined up all the way down the block,
told myself, one driver at a time.

That’s always helped me.

That was yesterdays problem was waiting in line ups and only got half of what I wanted done. Waiting is the biggest problem through out the day

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‘kicks mountainmans butt’ lol

good luck with all that :slight_smile:

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So much easier when you work with someone, hard on your own to self motivate.

They should have a reality show where they come in with a team and you go through a cleaning process, while they trick you into going somewhere else.

You arrive at home and the whole place is all new and organized :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh, well, I’m kinda possessive,

and hate when anyone tries to clean my house.
My mother once organized all my recipes
by index cards.

Why does that matter, mom?

I believe in you! I always have!

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You can do this @Mountainman! :v:

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