Back to work...I hope

So tomorrow i have an interview with NHS the works programme, a back to work thing funded by the NHS. And I’m a little nervous but otherwise fine, I’ve had no voices or anything of the kind but…I was talking to my friend today and we were discussing my lack of joy or love or anything really. we thought it was maybe a side effect of the meds, but after a 10minute search i realised it was a symptom i knew there was posotivve and negative symptoms but didnt realise apathy was one of them…Its really bugged me, is there something i can speak to my psych about getting something to fix this?

I find that before a large black coffee, I am quite apathetic.

But seriously tell your doctor. Negative symptoms are harder to treat.

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I remember seeing you on the forums last time i visited. It doesnt worry me mortimer my voices are at a minimum and i left the house today without too much trouble, and i would rather not say anything incase he thinks im not ready for work. I really want to be a contributer again.

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Well you’re not exactly apathetic if you said this

so I wouldn’t worry. Just being a little flat is okay. As long as you can do your thing, don’t worry. Sounds to me like you are worried about how people think of you, not really worried about yourself. They can’t fire you for not being bubbly! At least I hope they can’t…I had a job before college and I was not sociable, but I lifted heavy things and moved furniture and wasn’t fired.

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Thanks mortimer, so flat is the norm? nothing to tell the docs about?and its only an interview so no worries about being fired

Well, being a bit flat is not uncommon for people with schizophrenia. The illness causes it (called negative symptoms, check the main site about that if you are curious) but sometimes the meds cause it.

I was once on two antipsychotic meds, a benzo and a beta blocker. I was flat!

It’s really just a subtle thing about the illness unless you are going for a job where personality is a big deal. People might assume you have suffered a loss recently or something like that.

If someone asks if you are okay, if they comment on your mood being flat, just say your cat got ran over. That should buy you some space! And it should shut them up!

Good luck with the interview! I got hired to move and build furniture when I was full blown psychotic. I was pretty flat!