Back to the drawing board

Sometimes I take extreme measures in changing my lifestyle/what I put in my body/etc…

I always find myself back at square one on the same exact meds and same exact lifestyle.

I guess they work!!


But dissatisfaction sometimes Longs for change.

But today I am happy with my typical routine.

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I don’t. I stick with my routine lifestyle, exercise and nutrition because it works.

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The supplements I tried were not terrible but it felt like an added weight in my head. On my 4 meds and 1 vitamin I feel very fluid and natural like it’s not too much. I guess I’m looking to become equal with the normies or something but I should be content with what I have. Maybe I am equal with the normies, and greed drives my will to add medicines… to eclipse them. Well it backfired and I felt tired/groggy/unclear yesterday. Today I feel normal again.

I haven’t eaten beef in two months. Nor much pork. However love my chicken. I think I’m gonna continue on this as I have definitely lost weight. I had a “steak dinner dream” last night though.

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