Back to school shopping

Mrs. Pixel and Princess Pixel have gone through most of yesterday’s pay packet buying clothes today. No Raspberry Pi 3 for me for a while.



Good night pixu…!!!

I could use a tablet if they have any extra $$$$$

No $$$ left. And we STILL have to go bra shopping.

How sucky is my life?!?!?


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Bra shopping is not a joke.

You could spend a few hundred easy on bras for two women.

Sorry, bro.

You’re broke now.


Princess also prefers the most expensive feminine hygiene products on the market. I’m sure they come in 24k gold wrappers.


Hey! Yo!

Its not our fault that ■■■■ is expensive.

You should invest in the “diva cup”,

Its been saving me about $30 a month for years.

Best period related decision you can make,

Aside from not wearing white pants.


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I will let her know about that. Thank you.

We actually did pretty well. Got about six pairs of jeans that fit perfectly for about $20/pair. Lots of good hoodies too, as she prefers those.

Her bras cost $45 apiece, though! This puberty thang is expensive.


I say burn the BRA!!!

She’s almost as tall as me now, so I think I will opt for survival and just produce the debit card as needed.

Never get between a woman and her undies.



Princess needs shoes!

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Remember this viral gem?

Still funny…


Really tired of waiting in stores. Blech.


This is more like it.



What is your favorite book?

I’ll guess…

I could be way off base, but you seem like someone who would enjoy this nightmare.

First I’ve heard of that one. Fave authors are Rex Stout, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett.

“Good Omens” by the two latter is my all time fave novel. Honorable mention goes to “The Parafaith Wars” by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Did you hear that American Gods is being turned into a mini-series?

Its gonna be awful.

If that’s your style,

House of Leaves could be hit or miss.

I hated it.

American Gods turned out extremely well. So happy.


Didn’t know it was already out.

I imagined it was going to be a train wreak with all those back stories.

Maybe I’ll check it out…