Back to school clothes

When I got sick two years ago I threw out all my clothes and have been lacking good clothes. Just registered for class, then went to the mall and found out Zara is having a sale with $10-$20 clothes. Maybe the God of Millenials is giving me a growing up blessing lol. Anyways finally more to wear that isn’t too cheap looking.

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Great news - happy for you, tukey. Enjoy your new wardrobe!! What will you be studying?

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I remember that when I was hallucinating something fierce I tried to throw out a printer because I thought it had listening devices in it. Was your clothes thing anything like that?

I’m taking a prep course for a coding boot camp. Not sure I’m ready yet so I might wait a year if this prep doesn’t go well.


I threw out all my clothes too when I went psychotic.

Not really. Good thing it was only your printer. I also threw away most of the family jewelry, precious photos, memorabilia from childhood, my stuffed animals etc. Basically anything made in China because I was being controlled by someone who hates China’s growing economy lol. It was really hard…

Hi @anon62973308.
What language will you be studying?
I used to be proficient with Java, up to version 6. I’ve also used C, PHP, Javascript in the past. So I’ve got some common sense when it comes to programming. If you have any technical questions feel free to pm me, I’d be glad to help :slight_smile:

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Thanks Andrey, I’ll be sure to let you know if I have any questions. Out of curiosity, if you know so much programming, why not do some freelancing from home? I will be studying mostly javascript.

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There are many javacript frameworks: jQuery, Angular JS etc. I am not familiar with all of them, but I can use brute force to program almost anything in javascript :slight_smile:
Anyway, javascript is good if you plan on doing frontend development. You will also need to learn HTML and CSS.

I have negative symptoms like avolition and anhedonia, which make holding a job very hard. At least for the time being. But I have worked on some personal projects even after becoming ill :slight_smile:

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I also threw my clothes away. Thought they had tracking devices in them