Back to nothingness on the forum

right @Resilient1
and so life goes.


I think we have been able to debate on some things over the past week.

That was a pretty good conversation.

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yeah. whether or not we can.

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I really want to start an anti-bullying thread like i tried to twice before they were both locked straight away and i got suspended


mods or members? I didn’t follow all of it, or was not understanding.

Why not use jokers thread?

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I’m just a bit upset bc i tried to start this thread twice and got suspended

3 times actually. It was only because it appeared to be an attempt to continue your argument with the other member. If you comment in @Joker 's thread it probably won’t be viewed as such, unless of course you bring up that specific incident.

it was inappropriate not ‘off topic’ maybe a bit of both, it was a personal attack and that’s why i don’t like practicing bullies,

person is back on mute but i cannot control her slander if i cant see it to defend myself

i dont think my flags mean ■■■■ no-one gives a crap about me, i am seen as a nuisance i guess i agree with @jukebox although its usually in responce to negative critisism, i do not take kindly to bullying from anyone.

I looked at in the flag history. You labeled it off topic/ 3 off them anyway

it was inappropriate but who cares, maybe you should have something thats says ‘it is triggering’ or ‘it is offensive’ or upsetting idk

I looked at the flags…there were no rule violations…although I admit it was a bit confrontational and off topic

Either way. it’s best dropped this was 3 days ago. lets try to let it go

ok but i dont think you will ever stop suspending me, it has been going on for too long now and is very upsettin, during lockdown and at times i could have really done with the support, you will say it is my own fault, well i dont have the power at my control, not that i’d want it, i am just me, like it or lump it, forget the rules, its my character, you hate me for a variety of reasons, i get that, no point pretending its anything else

Firstly, I have never suspended you. Although I likely would have as well if I would’ve seen that third thread before another mod did. Just follow the rules and I will treat you fair.

what 3rd thread? idk what you are talking about,

ok i will shut up now

The thread that got you suspended…nevermind…its all over now.

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Going to close this thread hope you don’t mind daze…it has strayed into nothingness itself.

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