Back to life (for now)


Best wishes. Please keep us updated.

Do you visit the Unusual Beliefs section quite a bit? I generally stay away from there as I find some topics triggering.


I just keep clicking latest to see what active threads I can post in


Day 4: woke up had 5 mg Ritalin and 300 mg modafinil and a cup of coffee. For about a hour I felt awake. Now I’m getting sleepy so I took another 300 modafinil. Did get a good night of sleep though


Feeling better after that last 300. Did some dishes because I got to leave an empty dishwasher in the morning. I did a lot of reading yesterday about narcolepsy and modafinil is the drug of choice. I’m back in bed now but may get up soon. If I can stay like this I’ll be good


Now I’m hearing an almost inaudible voice


Day 4 2nd dose: took the 2nd dose of Ritalin a hour ago. The voice didn’t last that long. Overall I’m awake and feel well. It’s amazing


Have definitely been awake today. Got really lightheaded around dinner time which was due to hunger. Thinking I’ll only take 500 modafinil tomorrow. Quite glad I might have a fix for the fatigue


If I’ve really fixed my energy, next I’d like to feel good. I might be depressed idk


Friendly voice back telling me to stop my Ritalin to stop the voices, not sure what to do


Back to quiet, sort of


Is it your doctor prescription ?


Yes, I’m prescribed Ritalin for energy


Day 5:
morning dose: 500 modafinil 5 Ritalin, coffee
Got to sleep late because of baby, a little before midnight. Awake so far


Day 5, dose 2:
Decided to talk another 100 modafinil along with 5 more Ritalin.
I ended up back in bed. I’m not totally fatigued but I feel I’m not fully awake, like this nagging in between. I think I’ll do 600 modafinil tomorrow. We’ll see


Been hearing a high pitched sound I know is voices in the background


The sound has been coming and going but it’s there a lot. Im probably right on the edge


Ritalin?!? and Modafinil?!?
I’m surprised your not climbing the walls and psychotic!


I know, it’s a miracle


Day 6, morning:
Took 400 modafinil and 5 Ritalin and coffee. Going to take another 200 modafinil when I see what’s going on, I didn’t want to take 7 pills plus my 2 vitamins all at once.

Voices never broke thru yesterday so we’ll see about today


Took another 200 modafinil, having breakthrough voices. Ugh