Back to life (for now)


For those that have been following my struggle with negative symptoms and heard my suffering. I thought I ran out of options. Instead today I raised my morning dose of Ritalin to 10 mg from 7.5 and I’ll do the same for lunch, bringing my Ritalin dose from 15 mg to 20 mg/day.

So far I actually feel normal again which is a massive difference. Just have to see how the rest of the day goes and see if I start to hallucinate. Wish me luck !


Good luck 66669999


Took the second dose of the day , things seem good. Hope this continues


Sounds good but you shouldn’t jump to conclusions after only half a day. Something else could be at play, such as placebo.
Keep us posted!


Well day is over. Had some breakthrough noise I couldn’t hear only last for a couple min. So I’ll consider the new dose successful for today. It made a huge difference in my ability to fight the fatigue, though I do get a kind of lightheaded ness from it. Keeps me looking forward to tomorrow.

Must also mention that Ritalin starts to crap out 5 hours after I take it. Maybe someday I’ll take concerta


Day 2 morning:
Definitely awake this morning. But I’m feeling funky and bored. I have a video game I bought 2 days ago and I was looking forward to playing more but instead I’m back in bed. Definitely not tired though


Maybe you can try modafinil. For Some people it helps with their negatives.


I take 200 modafinil with each Ritalin dose


Day 2 2nd dose:
Took my 2nd dose and ate some lunch and I’m drinking some coffee. I’m awake and feeling better. I do seem to have some anxiety below the surface. It’s like Ritalin has a weird buzz that doesn’t feel that great. Still I’d much rather deal with barely noticeable anxiety then soul crushing fatigue. Best of all no voices yet


You got this! How are you feeling today?
I’m thinking of you.


Hope this continues to work out for you. Being fatigued all the time gets old really fast. It seems like no amount of rest will cure it. Hang in there and keep fighting.


Well it’s the end of day 2. I ended up quite preoccupied in the forum today and felt I was busy the whole time. Still no voices which would be a deal breaker so steady as she goes. Gnight


That is good you are feeling better, good luck!!!


Morning day 3:
Didn’t get to sleep last night till 12 because the baby kept waking up. Usually I’m asleep at 10:30. When I woke up I was feeling the fatigue a little worse from lack of sleep, but after 20 Ritalin and 200 modafinil and a cup of coffee I feel awake. Things feel normal, no extra anxiety. I’m looking forward to a good day


Day 3 dose 2:

Just loaded up another dose. I had to lay down for the last half hour even after drinking my 2nd coffee because I was getting weak. I’m also super bored. My video game is no longer interesting and I don’t know what to do. This boredom thing is a big problem, only when I’m energized do I have the motivation to break out of it


In bed but generally back to being awake. Very mixed emotions


Awake, fatigued, awake, fatigued I feel so worn out and insecure. Im not sure what’s going on with me or why. Im overwhelmed by people’s delusions here and people going off meds. I know it’s a sz forum but I feel so helpless. Ugh


Laying in bed. Voices are faint but talking up a storm. What am I to do?


Apparently it was just a short visit from one of my favorite voices


So another couple of visits happened. I’m dropping Ritalin to 10 and upping modafinil to 600 tomorrow. Not sure what else to do