Back On Pills / Update

I requested my doctor put me on the pill and now I am. Turns out I don’t have gynecomastia but I didn’t like the pain in my arms every time I worked out. The doctor said there would be no nerve damage on the injection but I had a doctor hit the nerve before. Regardless, I still feel safer on the pill.

I’m getting blood work done. I was taking my grandma to the hospital for pneumonia but she said she doesn’t know when to go so I had her call and she’s going to tell me when to go.

So I’m also going to talk to my case manager and ask about getting help with these apartments who said they had an apartment ready and then that they don’t.

All in all today is a good day.


Double update! Apartment situation is okay. Just some weird wording on there part.

Calling the hospital to see if Grandma should be in now or does she have to call.


I hope the pills work out for you. And good luck with your grandma. I hope she gets better soon!


Trips, check em.

Grandma is in the hospital now. We’re in the waiting room.

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