Back on meds but the deadness continues

So I was off from my meds for three days then the negative symptoms worsened and I knew that if I didn’t go back on my meds I would not be able to look after myself and my husband and maybe even go back to hospital. So it was two days ago that I am back on my meds. Felt better yesterday but then last night it went down again and today also down in the dumps. No voices though at least. But the deadness continues. I have thoughts of suicide - not truly wanting to kill myself (out of fear), but fantasising about it because I feel so crap. I feel so much guilt if I am a burden on my husband but he keeps on saying I am not, and is so understanding and supportive. My self-esteem is rock bottom. I can’t wait till Thursday when I see my pdoc for the first time in three months.

thats too bad about the deadness and depression but at least you are going to see your p/doc soon i guess and i hope he can do something about it, just don’t forget to ask him about it and tell him that it is a huge problem because sometimes in my experience they don’t take you seriously enough and end up not helping much, maybe he can put you on something that will help, hope it works out :slight_smile:

I hope its just that your meds havent been in your system long enough yet. Hang in-hope you are feeling better in a few days OO

If the situation worsen, at any time you can go to hospital for emergency.

Please tell your pdoc your complaints you listed here…I can’t tell you how good I feel on prolixin (fluphenazine). it’s an older med, not an atypical, but I don’t believe in atypicals.