Back into the swing of things


Hello friends.

I have been away for a short period of time… Had to go to the hospital to get started on a new medication and the catch-up in my life has been crazy, so I had no time to come on to these forums, but I could use some support now.

I started Clozaril at the beginning of the month… It’s working out really well for me.I’m so happy. The only downside is I drool a lot, but I can manage that.

Catching up on my schoolwork is really challenging. I haven’t been focusing on it. I have tomorrow and Monday to finish up a lot of work…here’s to hoping I get it done!


I’m glad you’re doing well, Elizabeth. I hope things continue to improve.


Good luck!!!15 characters


Glad your back. Good luck with the catching up. I bet you’ll get back in the swing very soon.


glad to hear the clozaril is working well for you!


I know you’ll do fine. Good luck!


Good to hear that you are getting better. Good luck with school, you’re smart you’ve got it.


Im sorry this is happening to you.

did you hear her? She’s drooling alot.

This place is going to drive me absolutely mad.

Im so sorry this is happening to you.


lucky you you can handle school. I wish I could go back and get a graduate degree. my concentration just isn’t good enough.



Luck? I hate it when I see someone achieving and people call it luck. It takes a lot of hard work to do these things and calling it luck is both incorrect and lame.


thank you malvok. you’re right and I commend Elizabeth for working for such a lofty goal and achieving it as education.