Back in the hospital, update


I just got approved for clear liquids. I’m in hospital ice water heaven. They’re looking for chicken broth.

The doc asked me how I keep my A1C down so low. I told him that the docs tell me what to do, and I do it.

There’s a chance I may go home tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Keep sending warm hugs and good thoughts. Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP? :hugs:


Yes there be a WHOOP WHOOP … I wish you to get well soon.

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wow nice hope go home soon that would nice.

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I’m glad you can drink clear liquids now. And it’s great you A1C is low. Good job!

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good to hear you getting better!
keep on the fight =)

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Thanks, hon! 1515

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Thanks @lekkerhondje @CoCo @oe1489 !


Glad you’re enjoying your ice water.


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