Back in hospital for suicidal ideation

The medical health care system in Scotland is really good.

I’m about to be put on clozapine. So I’m not looking forward to the constant blood tests on that.

But I need something to give respite from the voices and false thought injection.


Best of luck with everything @chronological .

Thank you everhopeful! What a wonderful name.

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good luck, @chronological, i just left the hospital some weeks ago for suicidal ideation and suffer from attacks of thought injection too, very annoying

@bluebutterfly what’s keeping you sane? How do you bat away the suicidal thoughts?

good luck @chronological
You get used to the blood tests quickly. at first it’s annoying but it becomes a routine easily and before you know it you won’t have to get weekly blood tests anymore =)

Olanzapine 7.5 mg and MAO-inhibitor keeps them in control. They are not gone, but i can control them.

Unfortunately olanzapine worsen - paradoxical - my thought injections, but i prefer to be on olanzapine cause it works against my depression

I would never leave the hospital with my problems. Something i learned over the years to help myself without running to the hospital. I do diverse diary, music and now i am ready to change my addictions with an active lifestyle. Anyway, today is a start. One day at the time.
Hopefully you qualify for an early pension. Good luck.

Good luck with the Clozapine!!!

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