Back in 2012

This counselor I had wasn’t convinced I had the “genetics” to be an alcoholic addict mentally ill so he started quizzing me.

He said where are your parents from I’m like “New York city”. He’s like “oh Manhattan?” I’m like “no they’re both from the bronx”. He became frustrated. Then he said “any people with substance abuse in your family, I’m guessing no”…I say “my cousin is a heroin addict and an alcoholic…and my great grandmother died of alcoholism at age 49”. He became more frustrated. I didn’t understand the implications of these questions at the time, but I knew the answers.

Then he asks “anyone with mental illness in your family”

I’m like “yeah well my sister takes antidepressants, my dad takes antidepressants , my uncle had bi polar, my grandfather had mental illness, my cousin has bi polar, my other uncle has bi polar”. He gets really frustrated, then I’m like “oh yeah my other cousin was a severe paranoid schizophrenic”…at this point he says “get the hell out of my office, I don’t believe anything you say!”

He thought I was just some kid who did drugs for no reason and came down with sz for that purpose. He was a really uninformed counselor.

Now if they ask the same thing I’m more confident about telling my family histories, because people don’t believe your dual diagnosis is “justified” if that makes sense, not that it should be. No one chooses to be either sides of dual diagnosis…


That’s strange. I couldn’t imagine going to a professional and having them tell me they didn’t believe what I was saying. Maybe it’s a good thing, like you don’t look or come across as an addict or someone with mental illness.

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Sounds like you had a real winner for a counselor.
I always hoped my Dx’2 would be overlooked, but them PsyHosp Techs can’t leave it alone.

I’ve occasionally been asked if I had any mental illness in my family and have responded that in my immediate my sister may have the same bipolar disorder that her biological mother has, the parents of my paternal grandmother both committed suicide and she attempted. There’s all kinds of squirreliness on both sides of my family.

What I didn’t realize is that the “mentally ill” are at times actually victims of the real mentally ill among us. I ran into this during my first stay at a program for others diagnosed with mental illness, I, in having all the flashbacks of my mid 20’s, was not the only one. I met several who’d been wronged at the hands of this, that or another and the whole story swept under the carpet. Who knows, they talked, someone else did, or just the family found it’s self in a positition it would do anything to get out of. There’s big money in that, desperate people willing to do anything to make a situation go away, that was me anyway, and turns out my fiance/girlfriend/deceased…some chemical. Father used to come into my room in the middle of the night with a rag soaked in some chemical he’d try and hold over my face, I’d occasionally awaken only to forget about itthe next morning. Not the only one.

What they should really be looking into in my opinion (especially in cases in which teens or children are sent to psychiatric care) are the mental health of the parents (more often than not you can’t tell, they’re steel fortresses, the police…well…it was the 80’s and money was money, reputations and whatnot.

I feel whatever this is, whatever it is…and I was lied to in the cruelest way, has made a mockery of all I believe in when it comes to society which is justice, human rights and not only the US contitution but the very legal basis of every civilized nation on earth…a complete and utter mockery. whatever was going on.

It reminds me how people often say " if you wasn’t ( or if you stop) doing drugs you would be okay"
Well its not that simple. And addiction is mostly a symptom or a contributing factor… not a cause of mental illness.