Back from the hospital

After coming close to going to the hospital for 13 years, I had two failed suicide attempts in just then days, and then got to the hospital. I just got out two days ago. It required a ton of work. I had told people I would never return there. I hate that I was a bad example. I found religion there, and lost it, and found it again. I don’t know whare I am now. I can barely read, but I’ve got a simple book that I can manage. I like looking at archaic pictures of religious figures. The more realistic of pictures are not to my liking.

Sounds good that you are recovering. I once cut my wrist with a razor blade, but I survived. It is important to have a positive attitude.

Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. Do you have a support system in place? Friends? Family?

My family is only mildly supportive. I live on my own on a tight budget. I hope to continue recovering, one day at a time, and do online treatment in 5 days.

ah sucks that you had rough time =(
2 suicide attempts in ten days? how do you feel now?

Glad you’re back with us @Jinx

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