Back from 6 week hospital stay

I told the doctor that my schizophrenia calms down and basically stops, when I am in a medical building (hospital or psych appointment.) She told me that several people mentioned the same thing. That made me think… if being in a medical building makes it stop, then there has to be some alternate way of curing it.

I normally see and hear 10,000 to 20000 visions a day, without meds, but at the hospital, it’s only 20 to 100 times a day. That was a significant improvement.

Although my symptoms were basically gone, just from being in the hospital, they gave me zyprexa, abilify, and ambien to sleep. I am scared to take meds, because I had 11 years of risperdal, unfairly prescribed. My psychiatrist assistant was bribed to keep giving me this dangerous medicine, way before I ever had schizophrenia! The fears of TD kept me off meds for seven years. I’m tempted to throw my meds away. Movement disorders are intense, even worse than schizophrenia. The judge says I must take them correctly. I remember having the TD problem in my last life. We layed on the floor with diapers and were hosed off to shower. It was worse than schizophrenia. The band mates of state has a song about it. “You’re shaking, it’s all you’ve got… and no more medicines in you”

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Often people come out fatter of hosptial it just depnds. I hear you though.

I suspect that being in the realms of taking the medications improves things somewhat for you and thus why your hospital stays you suffer less.

take the ■■■■■■■ meds…take the meds…take the meds…!!

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