Back again

If they continue on to take over the site like the old one. Then it’s too late to simply cancel their account. I thought that this was possible on this site. Hey, I’m tired of troll-watching. It’'s not the job for me.

I wasn’t going to say anything else but you big shot mistake of an administrator, come out with a big lie - I needed to make a correction.

Something we can agree on.

Hard to find an online forum where there isn’t some sort of trolling, but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by the improved signal to noise ratio here now as compared to when I left over a year ago. Much more polite, more posts, higher quality topics, and lots of genuine concern being shown by those responding. Very nice to see! :smiley:



It’s would be a job for me because I know something about their past habits and can see the same habits occuring again/

Malvok -please instigate less and moderate more.

From me a welcome back too. Good to be reading you again.