Back again after suspension

being suspended is not nice

i think this site has got it in for me, why do people flag my posts? i dont see anything wrong with them, didnt even get a warning just a suspension ago wtf

does anyone even care


I am sending you a PM

Welcome back daydreamer. I didn’t realise you were suspended.

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Is so weird. I saw you got suspended and I just checked your status to see if you were back. And then I noticed this post. How are you? J

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was actually the second time i was suspended for nothing really, first time was a week for something so trivial then the second time i was flagged for asking why religion is so bad, but its not like i preach or post about it a lot :frowning:

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hi Jim, yeah i didnt think it was fair at all

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my gf might be dumping me as well :frowning:

That sucks! When did this happen?

tonight, idk what she is doing, if she is playing with me or just being nasty or if she does genuinely want to break up but i havent given her any reason too, except she owes me money

Wow. That sounds bad. Make sure you get the money back.

Money issues in a relationship… how unfortunate. (pardon the pun)

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yeah well she has discalclia so its a bit more complicated than that

Do you mean this?

yes, thats what i meant

Wow, I’d never heard of that before. Anyway maybe she’s just having an off day and you’re reading too much into it.

hope so, i’m really annoyed bc she did it and then turned her phone off

Good luck dude with your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend.

I’m sure it’ll be different tomorrow. :sunny:

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yeah not really sure about taking money from your girlfriend unless she is spending in the casino.
If you are in trouble, sure. =( or if you are spending fortunes on her, then sure -you might be mad :unamused:

Don’t sweat it, @mrhappy

I get banned when the wind blows.