Back after winter from hell

I probably won’t be posting as frequently as I had been, but I figured I’d just say “I’m back”. I sort of fell off the face of the earth at the beginning of this past winter during which I experienced a three month psychotic break with seemingly no let up. It was a living hell, day and night, so seemingly real I couldn’t convince myself that it wasn’t.
I had to check into the hospital twice for about a week each time. I can’t even begin to recount the entire episode but I’ll just say it all started with reading the newspaper in the morning and believing I was communicating the news stories back to myself in my mid 20’s and making predictions at that time. Then the “voices” started, I at first became convinced that the world’s people were playing host to a parasitic army of spirits escaped from hell.
It was three months of delusions, voices, even some tactile hallucinations, it was terrifying, it broke me, but I am steadily recovering. I am recovering now to the point that I am no longer in the grips of the delusions and I am as of recently going days at a time without even thinking about the voices or what I went through last winter.
But I can’t say I’m not traumatized by this experience, I am, very much so. It was the scariest psychotic break I’ve ever experienced. I’m on meds (perphenazine) as well as a few other non-antipsychotics, and am recovering fairly well.

Just wanted to say I’m back and, well, apologize for any possibly strange posts leading up to this past winter as I wasn’t exactly leading a healthy lifestyle or thinking quite right back then either. But I hope to change that.


You recovered! Good for you! You’re not the only one who went through hell this winter, but I wasn’t sick. Hope not too much snow fell where you live, because that would have made things worse.

There has been quite a bit of talk here lately about how psychotic episodes are traumatic experiences in and of themselves and can perhaps be a cause of PTSD. I wish you well in coming out of this.


Welcome back - glad you are feeling better


Welcome back. Glad you are feeling better.


I want to follow your saga.


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Wondered where you were!
I am so sorry you went through that. Very happy you are back.
Are you going to the Clubhouse?
Much love to you OO


I’m glad you made it to hospital and are getting back on track.

I agree… episodes are scary and they coming out of them is very disorienting and makes it harder to get back to level.

I am glad your feeling better. I’m sorry you hit a relapse.

Good luck. I’m rooting for you.