Baby you can drive my car 🚘

I will buy a new car…

what car should I buy?

Mazda miata!!!

Tesla, environment friendly.

Classic Volkswagon bus with a pop top. Best vehicle EVAH.


I have a car… Nissan Juke. It’s red and awesome… I will leave it to my partner as he;s been driving to the metro and I will buy a convertible.

A Volkswagen Beatle of course!!!

I’'m so damn clever that it scares me.

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thats why i suggested a mazda miata…its pretty cheap for a convertible

yeah… but it’s ugly

depends what year it is

2017 is ugly

2000 is ugly

in between not so much



I will put a vinyl on this…
#you’re being watched

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I think the little fiats are cute. Those come in a convertible too.

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It’s nice to have something flashy or slick. But for me, having something that’s safe and dependable is more important

Yeah, I looked into it but it’s not really a convertible… it’s a half convertible otherwise very affordable. I like mint, grey. I wanna get a grey car.

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There’s a real convertible for ya

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