Baby Fever?

Anyone else who wishes they could have a child (or another child), but knows they really shouldn’t because of their own mental health?

What helps?

I wish I could have kids but am not sure if I should because I think I’m autistic.

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i can’t have kids cause of my illness but i don’t want to have one anymore either. But if i would get pregnant my mum wouldn’t be happy…

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I sometimes wish I vould have a baby, but Mr. Star has autism and I have schizophrenia, and if our child got both I would feel incredibly guilty. Might as well take a kid who already exists. It’s cheaper that way, too.

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Get a pet.
Pets can be your babies, and depending on the pets, requires less responsibility.
Cats are fairly low-maintenance but can be great companions

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My gf had baby fever, she tried to get pregnant the first time we had sex.

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She works in a pharmacy as a cosmetician and also have a degree in cosmetics like laser hair removal etc

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Autism is awesome. I didn’t let that stop me. (Didn’t know the rest at the time though.)

Mr. Star :laughing:

Adoption is very costly though.


Love. Helps.






Love (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

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This is solid advice. We have 10 pets already though. Ha!

(But none that I put my heart and soul into though, and 5 of them are for their eggs…)

I have a bit of a baby fever atm too. I have been writing about my son when he was a baby. I wasnt ill yet back then. Im nearing 40 and it saddens me i cant have another child.

It would be incredibly stupid though to get pregnant.

I dont know what helps, really. Spending good times with loved ones i guess.

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We are adopting through foster care. They actually pay us $1400/month until he turns 18, plus he gets free college tuition in state.


Yes! All of this! This is how I’m feeling. And I turn 39 this year.

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No. I don’t want kids. Mainly due to the psychological aspect and disability and suffering from schizophrenia. Asperger’s a ■■■■■, but it was also a gift for me. Most people on earth are stupid or fit between the bell curve. I fell on the right end. Unfortunately, I’m broke and don’t want to raise or have a kid that gets schizophrenia or grows up in poverty or raised in a broken, single family. I cannot even take care of myself. I’m a nearly lost cause imo.

If things were different, I would adopt or have 8-10 kids with a beautiful blonde. I would have to be well-off though like making 500k+ a year to support those kids.

There’s so much education and support now for autism/asperger’s syndrome. I was lonely and bullied which is the biggest side effect + raised with an ignorant, abusive father. It sort of helped. When I was out of line or acting like a ■■■■■ my dad would spank me or pull my ears. It got me to toll the line.

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This is so true. I’m autistic and some horrible things happened to me as a child because of it. But my oldest child is autistic and has greatly benefited from having an autistic parent. I see mainly the positive aspects of autism within this child. I’m proud to have passed this part of myself on. (It’s not all easy and I’m not trying to say it is, but for my child the good outweighs the difficulties they face.)

Unfortunately, this child also has psychosis, and that’s something I’m NOT proud of passing on.

I am wondering if I would be diagnosed with autism at all, if the psychosis was known at the time of diagnosis. I recall hearing that the neuropsychologist was teetering between schizophrenia and autism as they really are much more similar than people tend to think (at least in terms of negative symptoms). And before autism was called autism, it was called infantile schizophrenia.


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