Baby deer just born yesterday

Don’t wanna get too close but I heard a sound. I see a baby deer can’t even walk yet!!!


Bees in the trap…bbeez in the trap…sup my man chew…whar are u doing this morning…

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It’s Father’s Day. I see this deer. And I got my parents ancestory DNA back. I’m at least 11.5% Middle Eastern which is a surprise to me!!

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How many percent deer? :thinking: :smile:


I just did the math
I’m officially

47% European Jewish
24.5% Italian
11.5% middle eastern
10.5% Irish
3.5% Scottish.
And 3% scandavian, Western European and Iberian peninsulaian

Sorry I’m very excited about this! !! No deer in me unfortunately

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Maybe you just haven’t found your inner deer yet. :relieved:


Where do you live? I’ve never tried hunting before but seeing that baby deer makes me want to try it.

I’m joking people!!
Kind of.

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