Babies are stuck where they're at

They can’t just get up and leave. But that situation happens to adults a lot, too. I don’t think szs do that situation very well. I think we are victims of aggression, having been cornered. Do we even know trust and safety?
I need to develop more compassion for little kids.

Babies have hope, and love to give back, and they are so gosh darn cute!
They make you leave your comfort zone a lot. They can help you grow, learn and enjoy life.
If you accept them and treat them right, they return the favor, when you least expect it.


I think the part that gets me is that they have to be watched. Because they think up the darndest things to do.

At least it’s not forever that they have to be watched. At some point they have learn to think for themselves and become independent.

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That is the bitter sweet part isn’t it? I loved watching my sister grow up and learn stuff and try stuff. But then she didn’t need me as much as she did before. Our odd trade off was, as she was becoming more independent, I was becoming more dependent.

Yeah, but kids are like a boomerang, no matter how far they go away, they always come back.
Sometimes it takes awhile for them being out on their own before they start to compare, but if you raised them with your heart, home is where they return.

For those of you who had rotten people in your life, the flip side is, when they’re gone, you don’t miss them (as much).

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I remember the first time my nephew smiled at me when he was a baby. It was wonderful. Now 23 years later he’s a sullen brute who sometimes treats me rudely. Basically a good kid though.

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I was pretty over the moon when my kid sis was a baby and finally said my name right. For a long time I was Jam

As in strawberry? lol! That’s sweet.

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Yeah, children always come back to you because they’ve got no choice.

No, they don’t, unless they want something.

I’m talking about LITTLE children. Just exactly where can they go besides to another room?

With another adult that sees the need, if none available, then in their own mind/world.
Kind of prepares you for the real world where most people are not nice to you because they don’t love you and never will.

I withdrew into my mind and that put me in danger being unaware of the pitfalls of life. My mother did not seem to notice a difference between a small child and an adult midget and also put me in danger underprotecting me, carelessly thinking I could do much more than I could do.
I am in a very sheltered place now and I appreciate it. I can be a carefree and secure kid some.