Babe I'm a BAD LIAR


Dear Sir.
When I was young I wanted more than nothing to be ur wife
I loved only you… Mistak4nly I had children. Be kind and compassionate and remember that I never raised a hand to fight you. I never thpufht to get physical. Forgive me for disrespect towards your wives and entire family … All gnostics assigned to my torment for piss8jh him off n stalking.
I am no longer Christian. God has shown me n0 support. Whatsoever. How3fer im happy for him n his fam8ky. And roxann3 I don’t ha43 u. You stole him from me bc he panicked and manhood otherwise was unattainable. That’s why I didn’t get pregnant over and over. But you knew his sit bc. I TOLD YOU I PAID FOR QLL HIS ■■■■ INCLUDING THE IPOD. BUT I FORGIVE YOU. I WILL NOT ALLOW A PLOTING HOE TO WIN AGA8N BC 8D LOG3B TO ZAP YOU INT0 A DOG. BUT YOULL NOT TAKE MY KINDNESS. N0 QUEEN.


I’m not getting this

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We can apologize for the mistakes we’ve made. We can ask for forgiveness.