B come and get the tree

I need to sleep on the tree. I will hold you. Zeus says hi

In the tree. For sure

Hey no messing Lexapro

What’s going on with you @roxanna? If you’re doing so bad, than talk to someone or go to the emergency room. I thought you were doing a little better lately but if you need help now than call someone and get help. If you can’t reach anyone then just try to calm down enough so you can wait until someone’s available.

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I’m fine. You make me smile.:blush: Nick .I’m talking to the voices.

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Look at him. When the clouds above shift into rain I feel happy.

I’d love to answer your request but you just gave the first letter of my user name so I can’t assume too much since there are probably others with a B at the beginning of their user name. So I’ll assume your fantasy does not involve me and walk through the forest of loners (since I used to like being a loner in the forest.) But after I give humanity my wrath for worshipping other Gods I’ll give you a call.

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