B.A. versus B.S

Thinking about going back to university some day. Should I take the extra classes and get a B.S. in mathematics? Possible concentrations include computer science, economics, or physics. Or should I go the easier route and just get a B.A. in mathematics, which means I would take less courses. I’m also close to getting 3 associates degrees. If I go the B.A. route, I would have 5 classes remaining. Thoughts? Thanks.

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A B.S. in computer science would be the safest option financially out of what you listed. I have a B.A. in Humanities/Philosophy and it’s not worth much, to tell you the truth. I’m going back to school for computer programming so I can find a job that will support me and doesn’t require much social interaction. But, if you have a passion for something, I say go with that, whatever it is. Actual passions are rare and should be followed imo.


I agree with animalmineral.

@insidemind personally I would go for any of the Bachelors of science majors. Especially physics or computer science.

What is your passion though? Follow that, and if it’s math then the money will follow.

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If you are interested in a particular job in this field, check the job listings and see what education they want.


I would choose a BS in biomedical science. My BA in psychology is fishy for some neuro programs, but I found out that some take a BA. I am pretty sure that the fact that my BA included an honors thesis is the only reason I have any business with grad schools.

I guess try realistically for the degree you think is going to help you most in your life with having schizophrenia. You may not want to spend time and effort going to school and getting more education than you need and can use. And vice-versa.

I am kind of making a mistake in my education. I am going for an AA degree in Humanities. I will probably not get a job related to my degree but I am just doing it to satisfy myself and make me happy. I am too close to getting it and I need only three more classes so I’m not giving up and it will look good on my resume.


Option 1: Go back to the university I dropped out of and get a BA in mathematics. It would take 5 classes. This is the ideal option because of its reputation. But it is hard and I would have to move far away from home. I might not even pass the classes because they are hard and it would be stressful.
Option 2: Go to the local university. I would need probably 9 classes from a community college to get in. Then I could choose a BA or BS in mathematics. The BS requires significantly more classes. Yes, it is more rigorous/prestigious.
Option 3: Go to my old community college and take 3 classes and get 3 AA degrees.
Option 4: Get a math degree online.
Option 5: Start from scratch. Maybe major in electrical engineering or something similar and eventually start my own business.
Option 6: Major in something very easy like business administration.
Option 7: Don’t go to college

I am looking to do this and I was going to do it online - option 4.

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1, 2, or 4 in my opinion