Azley's Sobriety Check-In

I’m going to formalize my commitment and make it my routine to use this thread to count the days.

That is I mean to say. This thread is the sober-from-alcohol check-in.

This will be the third night without alcohol. I work later today and am looking forward to retain every dollar I can.

Disclaimer: I am going to go out on Friday’s. Friday’s are my one exception per week. However, not this week. I want to get a stronger pattern going before setting up my routine.

So those are my rules for myself:
6 solid days of keeping sober…
Then 1 night to let loose and socialize.
I’ll be checking in at the end of each day to confirm my sobriety.

Feel free to follow suit. I know a few of us are trying. This can be our support page. :+1:


I used this process to quit weed. It didn’t help me with alcohol.

For alcohol, I had to do the unofficial ‘benzo taper’. Drink one day, off 1 day, drink one day, off 2 days. Lowering the dose each time I drank. Plus I had to switch from hard liquor to beer after a few weeks.

I started off with 6 shots of Smirnoff and lowered it half a shot each time I drank. Then I switched to 4 beers and that took a while to stop.

The whole quitting process took like half a year.

Hope this helps. Good luck @Azley


Thanks for the support @Mr.Dre. Good job wrestling your way out of that addiction!

I don’t have that hard a time without it… it’s just everywhere. I’m thinking being able to get on here every night and proudly proclaiming I’m still maintaining my pattern will be enough to give me that last reason to not drink.

I have so many memories… blurry as they may be… of selling out to alcoholism… and it’s gotten me nowhere but stuck in a rut of fighting to make rent.

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@Azley. I’ve heard that if you’re an alcoholic you have to quit all together. Are you an alcoholic?

Yeah. I’d say you’re an alcoholic

I actually suppose I’m not… as it’s been 50+ hours since I’ve been drunk…

It’s more like I have alcohol abuse… not necessarily a physical dependency… though that does set in after a few days of use.

It’s been a month since I’ve boughten cigarettes… I saved 125$ so far from that… and I’m thinking that’s the greatest change that really gives me a fighting chance to get more stable.

I can save hundreds more if I just stay out of the bars… I have plenty of friends at this point.

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I could save money if I didn’t eat so much but food is one thing I enjoy.

Oh I’ll be falling back on food for sure…

I’ve been exercising a lot recently and that I might gear up just to facilitate a faster sense of gaining health.

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Made it back from work… no alcohol… going to watch some videos about programming and then sneak a set of weight lifting in.

Let myself get a coffee… hopefully I’ll be up late enough that sleep will set in naturally… I don’t have to work until 4.

So that’s day 3…

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Yeah it’s a worthwhile thing to be doing! I’m behaving too and having some goals helps a lot. Well done to you and good luck!

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My man!!!



Here it is… night 4… 2 am… bars just closed around here and I can safely report I haven’t drank.

It might be catching up with me… sort of emotional over things I’m usually not.

Just watching a bunch of ted talks.


Good job! It’s friday night and having a couple but back on the wagon tomorrow. These wasted calories are starting to affect my mind more than having a couple of drinks to relax.

Well done you. Keep on keeping on and I like this thread!

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Wooooo go azley

I made it 8 months before I broke my sobriety with fried ice cream with rum in it.

Errr might have had two beers one night also.

But I didnt enjoy it.

I enjoyed the fried ice cream buzz way more I’d say.

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Right so… planned on keeping sober through last night. But lo and behold an ex girlfriend showed up in town… so that was a mind ■■■■ and a half… she paid though lol enough beer for the both of us.

I mean there is certainly some drama there. Between our mutual friends liking her not-being-with-me… and you know the obvious lingering appreciation between two people who spent a whole lot of time together.

It was a good night. Drinking was certainly involved. But that’s the rule… fridays only.

It’s weird though… snapped me out of my crush… which is god send because I was just feeling stupid constantly.


I didn’t drink for 9 months til the other day I drank 4 beers. I honestly didn’t get anything positive from it, I just felt dizzy and no buzz or anything.
Maybe my rTMS treatments made it so I don’t get any good effect from it lol.
Either way I’m not drinking.

I find taking l theanine is relaxing though

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How are those working for you? I don’t personally know anyone who has undergone that treatment.

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it seems to have worked great, only thing is a week after the last treatment i went into a bit of a mixed mood episode for a 2-3 weeks which sucked but now i feel pretty neutral. so thats good.
i did 30 treatments, now i do 2 treatments a month for the next 4 months. my next ones are on aug 23,24

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We all believe in you @Azley you can do it!

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