Azley's semi-quarterly check-in

So, hope you all are doing well.

I’m still floundering through staying on top of everything, but I haven’t missed a check point yet. Maintained the same job for over a year now. Got to much respect for a couple of my bosses to move onto something new… but I have a strong desire to do so in that “it comes and goes” sense.

Really the amount ofr work ethic around there is pretty lousy. Social hour all day for most of the in house folk… I’m about the only driver who is willing to go 100 to 110 percent the whole time. A lot of them will bail out early if they see a chance… Alas I like the test of my own work ethic… picking up everyone else’s slack in my department. Some managers are too challenged in finding their own respectability to give me credit… but the managers that matter still get it. Kind of cling to the acknowledgement when it does surface.

Still don’t really have a cent to spare until Friday.

Switched to a new vape. The NJOY… it’s the first to hit the right price point. It’s cheaper than cigarettes from the get go. 12$ for two pods and the device… and I’m on day 4 of using it. So it’s already saved me 16$… This pod should last me until tomorrow night… then 10 dollar refills from there… save me about 35 a week…which is good. I am tired of being so poor. 10 dollars every 5 days is far better than 7 or 8 every morning. Actually retaining cash…

… Not to mention the health benefits of an actually functional cardiovascular system. Hah, still waiting on that.

So yep, this is Azley, alive and kicking, signing off.


The njoy is a good vape. I’ve missed you brother!! Come back. !!! Haha all good.

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Good to hear from you. Vaping is better for you than smoking, though of course being off nicotine all together is the best, and it definitely wont help you quit as vapes and juuls have MORE nicotine, much more than cigarettes. And nicotine itself is damaging to cardiovascular system and long term use leads to things like increased clotting risk so strokes and heart attacks, erectile dysfunction, etc so swapping to vapes isn’t going to really help that because again it is more nicotine than cigarettes. But off my soapbox.

Glad you are doing well

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Thank you my friends… Yeah. But the vape is the lesser of two evils… once I’ve got a month a way from cigarettes or so I’ll likely get more ambitious about cutting back.

It’s day 7 now though and I do feel a certain freedom from my past dependence. Vaping just feels more casual and even throughout the experience.

Take care y’all.


Good to see you’re still doing well.

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It’s good to hear from you @Azley.

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